Blue Spider Project Case Studies Essay

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Report of the lessons learnt in the Blue Spider Project Case studies.
The Blue Spider Project that Gary Anderson managed for Parks Corporation was a good example of an unsuccessful project. There were many aspects that increased project risk and contributed to the problems encountered. Some of those problems could have been prevented or resolved if Gary Anderson applied proper project management methodology.
In any project, one of the most important success factor is the project manager being able to communicate effectively. Gary Anderson failed to communicate effectively both internally and externally. Internally, Gary had been consistently not updating the status of the project or any decision made to other functional managers.
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In the Blue Spider Project, some of the problems encountered would have been not present or resolved if Gary had used a standard methodology for project management. The biggest reason that the Blue Spider Project failed was having no project communication management. Many of the issues wouldn’t have occurred if Gary had effective communication with the project team, stakeholders, customers and project sponsor. As mentioned in Dyer (1984), in the start the project, if there was early interaction with the customer, the project manager would have understood the requirement from customer regarding communication such as the frequency project status report, the mandate of providing the agenda and technical presentable in advance. Having the early interaction with customer was also important in establishing good customer relationship; customer would have confidence and trust in the project manager and could reduce the frequency of technical interchange meetings which would reduce the cost of the project and Gary’s workload on administrative work.
In this project, the communication between Gary and the stakeholders was a total mess; Gary kept all of them in the dark and only notifies them of risks and issues in the last minute. At the beginning of the project, Gary should have identified which of the stakeholders were impacted by the

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