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Blue Man Group: Creativity, Life and Surviving an
Economic Meltdown

Sometimes when we look at where Blue Man Group has gone; we just sort of scratch our heads. And we think about how we started, basically just the three of us saying, “Why don’t we get bald and blue and do stuff?” — Chris Wink, co-founder with friends Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton
Monday evening on July 7, 2008, Chris, Matt and Phil were slumped around a conference table littered with leftover sushi boxes, and sales and financial reports. Their CFO had just left the room. It was clear they were in a red ink-black ink situation; they could go under. It was frightening to
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That was the game ender - they loved it – and, for me, it was an early reinforcer of the power of creativity.
My father traveled in Europe and took my mother, brother and me along. There was no hesitation about pulling me out of school. Travel was a significant part of my upbringing, and I feel it was richer than school for me. Seeing different cultures, art and architecture was an absolute perspective changer. 3 (last accessed 5/17/2010); see Exhibit 1 for a fuller description of a

4 Matt Goldman as told to Liz Welch, “How We Did It: The Blue Man Group, From downtown performance art to global

entertainment empire,” Inc Magazine, August 1, 2008, (last accessed 2/27/2010)
5 See Exhibit 2 for a Blue Man chronology
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Blue Man Group: Creativity, Life and Surviving an Economic Meltdown


Out of the 100 students in seventh grade, only 10 were new that year, including Chris and me. We naturally gravitated to each other because of that plus

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