Blue Collar Brilliance By Mark Rose Essay

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Mike Rose was and American teacher and writer. He has wrote eleven books in his life time; most of them focused on literacy and language, and he received several awards. In his passage, Blue-Collar Brilliance, Rose delivers his message excellently about the intelligence and skills of blue collar workers through stories, research, and his presentation on the topic. The first way Rose backs up his claim is through personally stories about his relatives. His first story describes his mother “Rosie “at her job. He tells the reader how he and his father would sit in the restaurant that his mother worked at, and he would watch her work. He observed her carrying multiple plates on a single arm and using her memorization technique to correctly deliver each customer the meals that they ordered. Also, when she sat down with Mike and his father, she would often glance around at her surroundings to see what need to be done, and then she would do it in an efficiency manner. Though all the previous skills were important, Rosie’s most valuable skill was her ability to read people’s emotional states and learn how to please them. It is important to her because her coworker’s emotions would affect their work, and her tips depended on how well she responded to her costumer’s needs. Surprisingly enough, she developed all her skill with only a sixth-grade education, meaning that she learned a lot of it on the job. Rose uncle’s Joe was a General Motors factor worker who was promoted later…

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