Essay on Blood Evidence From Crime Scenes By George Schiro

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Blood Evidence According to the Collection and Preservation of Blood Evidence from Crime Scenes by George Schiro, blood evidence associated with a crime can provide information that may solve the case. As you can tell this paper will be about blood evidence and all the aspects that come with it. I’ll be talking about the forensics behind it, the types of blood, dry blood, wet blood, how blood can help with a crime, and blood splatter analysis, etc. Let’s start off with the history of blood. I found that blood has been used as evidence since the 1800’s. I also found in the History of Forensic Science that Thomas Bateman was the first to classify skin bruising is due to extravasation of blood into the dermal tissues. It later advances to the 1900’s in which Leone Lattes discovered that blood can be grouped into different categories. We now advance to the 1967’s where the British Metropolitan Police Laboratory, where Culliford began the development of gel-based procedure to test for isoenzymes in dried bloodstains. All the history of blood advances and get’s more high tech. As things get more high tech it gets easier to find your suspect or victim because of the resources we have. Now lets talk about blood pattern analysis. Bloodstain patterns help in solving the crime because if you know which way the direction of the blood is coming then you can recreate the crime scene and get a better view of what happened at the time the crime was committed. Blood never lies.…

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