Blood Doping In Sports

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The Olympics and Blood Doping
The Olympics are not known to be a clean event to any degree. What would you expect when you have all of the world’s top athletes in one place? Athletes have been taught from a young age to win no matter the consequences. The Olympics provide an environment where performance enhancing drugs are everywhere you look. What do the Olympic officials do about this? Close to nothing. The tests seem to be very inconsistent and rarely reliable. The Olympics are full of athletes using performance enhancing drugs and there isn’t much the officials or athletes are or want to do anything about it. Blood doping is becoming more and more common in all athletics. So what exactly is blood doping? “taking drugs to improve athletic performance. This form of cheating is also known as “doping””(“Know Your” 6). So doping is basically using performance enhancing drugs to help athletes win in their sport. Doping is considered cheating in sports. This is because it gives one person an unfair advantage over the other athletes who do not use these drugs. Now why
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Wes Barnett two time Olympic athlete noted “If you’re a clean athlete, not only are you disadvantaged when going up against people who are using drugs, but now, on top of that, if you do come up with a great performance, you’re immediately put under suspicion” (qtd in Hamilton and Lewis 62). When you are surrounded by athletes that are using drugs it is common that if you are performing well you will be suspected to be using drugs. Not to mention the overall disadvantage competing against athletes who are on drugs.
The Olympics are full of drugs and athletes who are and are not on them. Until technology advances to catch these cheating athletes there will be drugs associated. This will be case even when technology advances. Athletes want to win at any cost. That includes losing their lives and even worse their

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