Blogger Vs. Wordpress : Which One Should I Choose? Essay

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Blogger Vs WordPress: Which One Should I Choose?
For the blogging enthusiast who wants to start a free blog, Blogger and WordPress are the two major platforms you 'll be advised to use. They own the lion 's share as far as both free and self hosted blogs go. WordPress has the larger market share. This alone would make it the preferred choice for newbie bloggers.
However, more experienced bloggers would advise comparing between the two based on your needs. If you 're grappling with the question Blogger vs WordPress: Which one should I use? This detailed comparison will help you make an informed decision.
Free versions
Blogger comes completely free to use. It 's provided through Blogspot. It 's often compared to "renting" rather than owning. All the resources are owned and controlled by Google. This means that hosting, backups and even themes are provided for by Google.
All that you need is set up your blog, which will be discussed further and start adding content. The major drawback with "renting" is that you have limited control over your blog. However, since you 're not paying for some of the essential blogging resources, it can be a good choice.
The free WordPress blog is also a form of "renting". It 's provided by The features that come with this free WordPress are quite limited compared to the self hosted option. Though, customizing your website is much easier.
Setting up
To set up a blog on both platforms, you 'll need to provide your email address.…

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