Blink : The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking Essay

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Can we really learn as much about someone in a Blink as we would spending months with them? Malcolm Gladwell sure thinks so in his book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. In it he explains several aspects of psychology, specifically snap judgments and the adaptive unconscious through many studies, facts, and tests. “There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis,” states Gladwell (Gladwell). What is seen in this blink of an eye? What controls this? What is it? This Blink is known as the adaptive unconscious. The adaptive unconscious is our “internal computer” that helps us make rapid decisions based on very short amount of times, such as the blink of an eye. Gladwell goes into detail and shows many studies done on this concept. From the kouros at the Getty to the speed dating, they all involved someones initial thought on something or feelings that they had that led them to act accordingly. The unconscious, first introduced by Frued, is a self governing, underlying part of the brain that provides fast judgement of a situation. The adaptive unconscious takes a situation and the information gathered to make a quick and thorough decision, even without your knowledge. This effects everything that every human has done, does, and ever will do. Gladwell says in his book that you should trust you unconscious more on bigger things like choosing a spouse rather than planning out or looking at the possible good and bad parts, or…

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