Essay on Blended Learning Exercise With Communication With Families

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Blended learning exercise - communication with families

As a child teacher, always encounter many new admission of children, a group of kids come to school, elementary school children have to go out and repeat the conduct. In general, Children in kindergarten, there will be crying and reluctance to happen. This is because kids grow up around parents suddenly want to leave the parents to a strange environment in which to go, he will have a "separation anxiety" and "stranger anxiety." "Separation anxiety" so that children leave their parents to produce a sense of insecurity; "stranger anxiety" so that the child because exposure to the new environment and new teachers, new students feel nervous, so a sense of attachment to their loved ones particularly strong. The new environment they put forward new requirements, this new requirement with their original level of psychological development are often contradictory, form a psychological conflict. Just park the children first thought is not to eat, drink, sleep and other basic physiological requirements, but the need for belonging and love, then, teachers must find ways to meet their new psychological needs, eliminate anxiety and help them to enter as soon as possible environmental groups, to restore the structure to its original level up psychological needs. As long as parents and teachers to keep sober-minded, careful to understand, analyze the situation from the child 's long-term and overall interests, mutual trust and close…

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