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IS 535 Part 1 Assignment

Chapter 1 (Page 29)

Q1 What are the company’s goals and culture? The company’s main goal is to produce dirt bikes that could be customized for racing, off-road, and recreational riding by using the best quality components and parts from all over the world.

The culture of the company is that they strive to use the best quality components they can find from anywhere in the world. For example, the engines are from Austria, the tires from Dunlop, Inc., and many of the other parts are from the United States. They also want to develop bikes that both perform better and look better than their competition. Part of their culture is to race these bikes in different competitive professional races. Also, it is the
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Retail customers can purchase spare parts directly from Dirt Bikes only by verifying that they live more than 50 miles from an authorized Dirt Bikes dealer.”

All four models are sold internationally; however, a vast majority of the bikes are sold in the United States. The Enduro 250 retails for $3250, the Enduro 550 retails for $7600, the Moto 300 retails for $4295, and the Moto 450 retails for $8995. However, they appeal primarily to serious off-road bikers.
Q3 How many employees are managers, production workers, or knowledge or information workers? There are approximately 120 employees in total. According to the information page, they work…” in design, engineering and production, including 3 full-time product designers and 3 engineers. In addition to a 4-person Parts department, Dirt Bikes maintain a ten-person service department to service warranties and customer problems with parts and motorcycle performance. Five employees work in Dirt Bikes’ shipping and receiving department. Dirt Bikes’ sales staff consists of a marketing manager and 5 sales representatives, two for the West coast and Western United States, one for the Midwest, one for the Northeast and one for the South. The corporate administrative staff consists of a controller, one accountant, one administrative assistant; two human resources staff members, three secretaries, and two information systems specialists to support systems

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