Blanche 's Obsession With Colored Lights Essay

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Blanche 's obsession with colored lights reveals more than a paranoia about the marks of age, it represents the societal ideal and desire that only young, beautiful women can find love. In order to free herself from this restriction, Blanche lies and deceives herself to believe that she is still young and can be loved. The sun, like a searchlight, too easily penetrates her facade of self-control and discloses the naked truth of guilt and loss that she spends her life alternately obsessing about and trying to avoid (Hovis). The artificial colored lights that Blanche habitually manipulates in order to create an atmosphere conducive to the awakening of libidinal desire serve as a reminder. A reminder that any love she experiences will only be a “pale counterfeit” (Ethics) of her young marriage which is ultimately the cause to why Blanche is fervent in her actions to be loved and to have sexual relationships with many people.
In the play, Williams excellently depicted a woman who was different from the Old South type of belle; she had a darker side in her with the destructive characteristics. He used this wicked belle to indict the Old South or to describe the New. The Old South’s values became obsolete and with the arrival of the 20th century and the New South, Southern womanhood happened to be found helpless in the grip of the presently constituted world, while its old world of social position and financial security is a Paradise Lost (Cardullo). Blanche is actually portrayed…

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