A Streetcar Named Desire And Blue Jasmine Character Analysis

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Prompt: How is the theme of appearance versus reality dealt with differently in A Streetcar Named Desire and Blue Jasmine?
“Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is and the tree is the real thing.” However simple these words may seem, this is perfectly epitomized by Tennessee William’s theatrical masterpiece, ‘A Streetcar named Desire’ to the modern adaptation ‘Blue Jasmine’ directed by Woody Allen. A streetcar named Desire and Blue Jasmine touch on the same themes and consequently share multiple similarities and scant differences between Blanche Dubois from ‘Streetcar named Desire’ and Jasmine from ‘Blue Jasmine’. In comparison to the movie Blanche, in her version towards the conflict of appearance
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While she is in this decent, Blanche further goes through obstacles such as being raped by her sister’s husband and having her heart broken by her lover. In order to cope with these haunting memories of reality and her past. The song ‘It's only a paper moon’ is sung by Blanche in the bath to deal with reality, from the refrains of “It wouldn’t be make-believe if you believed in me” and “Without your love, it's a honky-tonk parade / Without your love, it's a melody played in a penny arcade” conveys how with the power of love can have a profound effect on the characterization of a person. However, Williams has deliberately placed this song to convey the utter irony that is being displayed. Blanche is cheerfully singing a song about love and happiness, however her life is being wholly destroyed by Stanley on the other side of the room revealing the dark past of Blanche. From the part “It wouldn’t be make-believe if you believed in me” the irony is being represented as Blanche is fabricating herself in a world where everyone trusts and depends on her, however in reality Stanley has revealed everything about Blanche's past as she was singing in the shower about trust and love. The author’s choice of the song has a more emotional effect on the reader from the words believed and only in the music portrays the …show more content…
This is evident in the behavior of Jasmine in the movie, where she flies first class, even though she has lost all her houses, property and cars. Similarly, Blanche arrives in Stella’s house laden with a very fancy dress, Williams depicts how Blanche could not face reality still thinks of herself as being wealthy. This is shown when Stanley is going through the trunk which Blanche had during her stay at his house and says “ Look at these fine feathers and furs that she comes...What is this article? That's a solid-gold dress, I believe.” This quote depicts how the author Williams characterizes Blanche as narcissist, even after being stricken with poverty and misfortune. The structure of the story play a critical role in this where the readers can compare the past of Blanche and just how twisted of a turn that it takes near the end of the play which gives a very powerful ending that ends with this quote. The dilemma of Blanche with fantasy and reality are the major factors that make her unable to accept reality for what truly is happening around her. The mood of this quote is very neutral and a sane person would have reacted in a more emotional manner.Overall Blanche has protected herself with illusion against the true of horror of reality. Stanley is the one to always

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