Compare And Contrast Blade Runner Book And Movie

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Blade runner has become a classic in sci-fi genre The directed by Ridley Scott who also directed movies like alien gladiator Blackhawk down and and the recent the Martian but the most interesting thing about blade runner is that neither release Scott nor the screenwriter David peoples ever never read Philip K Dick's novel do androids dream electric sheep the book that the movie is based on so unfortunately Philip K Dick died before the full movie was actually released he said he did see the first 20 minutes and stated O "it was my own interior world and they caught it perfectly" so without ever reading the book somehow Ridley Scott was able to make exactly what Philip K Dick imagine when writing the book but how long he was blade runner? What's the difference?

In this comparison I will be using the final cut of the movie because this is considered the most efficient version comparison to the movie The Chinese look and feeling of the environment was a movie on addiction it wasn't implement it in the book many names is also changed during the transfer from text to film most of them getting an upgrade the biggest upgrade being the title from do Androids dream electric sheep to just blade runner which is
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Deckard also have a wife name I ran in the book but she was never brought up in the movie because she kind of didn't play or use role in the book she just worried about him and was one of his

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