Black Women Literature Review

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2. Literature Review: The impact of a high level degree The lack of black women representation and advancement, is due to lack of degrees; which causes the number of black women being elected for executive offices to remain sufficiently low. While examining economic improvement, Harvey (2008) and Epstein (1973) used surveys and black academics to figure out why black women choose short career paths. They discuss the difference between black women and other women career choices that require higher levels of education. Women from the black community make a choice work in the medical field as medical assistants, or hairstyles that causes their lives to become mediocre at its best. This choice using involved money, which causes them to …show more content…
Davison (1987) and Clayton and Stalling (2000) finds that black women that are working towards officeholder positions are facing challenges daily, due to being a women of color, being judged because of her identity, and sex oppression. These are all racial implication, this author believes that the black women working towards these higher positions, are being views upon their looks, and color; instead of their educational back grown, experience, and political achievements. Clayton and Stalling make suggestions to their audience, on how to achieve colorblindness, but also that beyond all the ending result is to obtain an executive position. Davison, Clayton, and Stalling gives strategies to overcome these challenges, and omission to move forward and continue to strive to make history. Green and King (2001) finds that the key to black women holding leadership positions, is back empowerment. Empowerment will help direct black women in the right career path, taking on challenges and knowing that their voice and opinions are more needed than ever. With black women having the state of mind to hold a place in leadership than to take a back seat, will help them overcome the disadvantage brought amongst people of color. Empowerment will also stop the trend of black women flowing below the labor market, and put them in the position as the breadwinner. Although all of these scholars have different point of views on the black women’s impact, they all involve advancement, and how to get there. It is clear who these authors audience is, and as they attempt to reach out to the black women of America to strive for more; earning a law degree and/ or Ph.D. will put these women in the position to return the

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