Essay on Black Soldiers During The Civil War

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Black Soldiers during the Civil War
Slavery was the peculiar institution of the nineteenth century. It turned a lot of heads, some of them against each other. With the belief of manifest destiny at heart, it raised the question as to what was to become of the newly added territories in the west. The new states, like California, did not want slavery, but the new territories, like Texas, did. This drove a wedge right through the heart of nineteenth century America. The union in the north fought tooth and nail in an attempt to abolish, or rid themselves of slavery. While the south did everything in their power to keep their slaves. In fact, the south viewed the north’s views as a violation of their constitutional rights. The south broke away and formed a nation of their own. This solved nothing, for the turmoil only got worse. Then, in the spring of 1861, for the first time in the history of the United States, the blacks and the whites worked together toward a common goal. However, this poses the issue of how the slave owners were able to get their slaves to fight for such a cause and what the conditions were like for the soldiers during the war not only for the Confederates, but for the Union as well.
To be able to understand why the civil war took place, one must first understand what the conditions were leading up to the war. The north had become more industrious while the south remained a farming culture. This in turn created a difference in needs. The north would need…

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