Black Sexual Politics By Patricia Hill Collins Essay

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In her book Black Sexual Politics, Patricia Hill Collins states, “The growing interconnectedness of prison, street, and youth culture, with the importance given to hierarchies of masculinity, became repackaged and sold within the commoditized relations of global mass media. These ideas now permeate not only African American culture but also have become markers of a new form of authentic Blackness” (Collins, pg. 211). In my personal opinion, I agree with Patricia Hill Collins’ view on how African Americans are represented in global mass media. Not a day goes by that you do not see some sort of negative representation presented by mass media of the African American culture. To have a better understanding of how mass media represents “authentic” blackness, we will look at two concrete examples of the “authentic” African American society depicted in mass media, and compare and contrast how it affects our perception of what African American society is. We will also look at how some African Americans are using this representation to their advantage. The first representation that comes to mind when thinking of how African American society is represented in mass media, and how it can sway our perception is the idea that African Americans are only in the poor and working-class. Patricia Hill Collins states, “Some representations of blackness (in mass media) become commonsense “truth.” For example, the experiences of poor and working-class Black men may be established as being more…

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