Black Pride With Brown Pride Essay

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Black Pride with Brown Pride
African Americans and Latinos have always felt like they have been ostracized from society, for which I believe to be true considering we have always been the minorities in this country, however despite these adversities we seem to show great compassion and understanding to each other because we can relate through our livelihoods. We tend to always stay in one general area despite our culture’s way of life, our social standards, or our marginally different religions. That is something I have grown to be accustomed to, because for the past 20+ years of living in Dallas, Oakcliff, I have nurtured a great appreciation for African Americans. That is why we have become strong, and have been able to make huge impacts in America, because of our way of life, our kinship, and who we are as human beings. Blacks and Browns of America will continue to fight for their natural rights so long as we are still here. Latinos and African Americans differ in so many aspects in their respective communities such as how we go about our religious ceremonies, to how we celebrate certain holidays and ultimately to how we approach government issues. When it comes to government issues that regard our cooperation or our participation, its especially hard for our communities to support their ideas or laws when we ourselves do not get the representation and support we deserve. We are incredibly similar to that aspect because we are constantly shunned by the media and many…

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