Black Lives Matter Is An Organization Essay

1286 Words Dec 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Black Lives Matter is an organization that came together after the high-profile shooting death cases of Trayvon Martin (Sanford, FL) and Michael Brown (Ferguson, MO). Indeed, through lectures we have learned that organizations form because they feel the need to express themselves and grievances. BLM became a movement to show and express what they saw as an injustice by law enforcement. Black Lives Matter organization is not some current political fad born of social media; but a large, organized, well-planned and funded political action group. The BLM is a tentacle of a Marxist, revolutionary Global movement referred to as "One World - One Struggle”, (Jarmie and Martinelli, 2016). My main concern, is law enforcement. Does the BLM movements and their tactics impact law enforcement and their practices? Officers are constantly being watched, constantly, while in uniform. Does BLM impact police officers’ life while in the line of duty?
As mentioned before, Black Lives Matter is a social movement; the organization has an unintentional relationship with law enforcement. BLM believe that not all shootings are justifiable. Even though we see police officers threatened to use lethal force in a given situation with minorities. This paper examines the relationship between BLM movements, their tactics, impact on law enforcement, and their practices. I believe that having BLM movement raises a higher risk on officers in the line of duty. If the BLM expressed themselves…

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