Black Lives Matter : Black Life Matter Essay

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Black Lives Matter is one of the huge topics talked about today. Many people are on board with this movement, but others are performing anti movement towards Black Lives Matter. They are going against these movements because they do not consider black lives being a major problem in society. There are two other types of movements that many citizens keep talking about also. The two other movements are known as the All Lives Matter and White Lives Matters. All Lives Matter consists of stating that every race matters, not only black lives. As well as the other movement, White Lives Matter, these protesters admit that white lives matter: hence, black lives do not. These movements are similar and different in many ways, but this subject is causing more problems than it should. There is a huge amount of racial tension between these movements. Fights, riots and arguments are being created when others speak about these movements. Due to the rising movement of Black Lives Matter, people are creating other movements to retaliate the blacks movement. The phrase “Black Lives Matter” was created in July of 2013. It was intended for Trayvon Martin, who was shot to death. A women by the name of Alicia Garza, posted the phrase on facebook and that is how this movement started. Cobb (2016) states, “For Garza, the assurance that black lives matter is as much a reminder directed at black people as it is a revelation aimed at whites” (p. 38). Garza aiming at whites started most of the tension…

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