Black Jaguar White Tiger: Social Media Analysis

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Social activists use social media to spread awareness about their cause. This is exactly what Eduardo Serio does to promote his foundation, Black Jaguar White Tiger. Black Jaguar White Tiger, also abbreviated as BJWT, is a foundation with a purpose to change people’s attitudes and ideas about animals. Their primary goal is to raise awareness by using social media, in order to make millions of people fall in love with animals and help them learn about stopping animal abusers, like circuses. It is true that the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation uses many forms of social media and the use of this social media helps their audience become involved in the foundation and overall cause. Social media is a way for people to see what others have to …show more content…
Eduardo uses the views on these social media platforms to his advantage. A post on Twitter of a flock of sea turtles shows his audience that he cares for all animals, not just mammals. With the picture of the turtles, he captions, “These newborns will be freed later tonight after 3 days of caring for them ensuring the survival of many of them.” (Twitter). This tweet, followed by another picture of a turtle with only 3 legs proves to his audience that simple animals like sea turtles have to be helped also. Eduardo commented, “Many turtles are caught in fishermen's nets and get amputated limbs or huge injuries that would otherwise kill them”(Twitter), with the picture of the 3 legged turtle. Seeing animals in pain always makes people feel sympathy for them, which ultimately leads to people becoming more involved in securing the safety of animals. When people become involved, change actually occurs, whether it is from an act of service or a donation that a person provides. Many people also view the acts of the foundation by watching videos on YouTube and Snapchat. Eduardo mainly uses these to promote the animals. For example, on Snapchat, he posted a picture to his story of 2 lions, Galileo and Caramel, lounging around seeming to be in peace (Snapchat). The 2 lions were rescued by the BJWT foundation and now he is using Snapchat to show people how the lions are doing after the rescue. Also, he posted a

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