Essay about Black Holes

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Black Holes – Bending Time and Space

Authors Note
Explaining this phenomenon would literally take hundreds of pages, so I will try to be brief but yet provide meaningful explanations. It must be noted that some details must be dealt with in an abstract manner to avoid intricate mathematical explanations.

Theory Definition
Black holes are considered by many to be the most bizarre objects to ever exist in this universe. It is a theorized phenomenon in which an object or a region of space possesses an overwhelmingly large gravitational force to the point where even light gets pulled inside the hole. Generally speaking, for a region of space to possess a large gravitational field, it must be very dense in terms of mass concentration.
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By subjecting special type particles through massive part accelerators, some black hole parameters such as the event horizon (the area surrounding the black hole) were clearly noticed.

Bending Time
Since its discovery, there was something that was decidedly odd about the speed of light. It has been proven that the speed of light is the maximum speed any object, or a deviation there of, can acquire. Assume that the speed of light is denoted by [c], now if you travel at any speed, say three quarters the speed of light, and see a beam of light passing right by your medium, you will still measure the speed of light to be [c]. This stark discovery is very contrary to common sense and the classical physics which suggests that since you are in the same inertial frame with respect to the light, you should measure light to be travelling in what amounts to the difference in the two respective velocities lying at the same inertial frame (in this case one quarter of [c]).
How could this be? Einstein gave careful consideration to the observation. If light is always measured to be the same velocity, no matter how fast you are travelling, then there must be “something else” that is being compensated for to accommodate the speed of light. Einstein termed that this “something else” as “space-time”. In order for light to remain constant, space and time, hence space-time, have to vary and so they must be inextricably linked. Quite simply, as you approach light speed, time runs

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