Black Holes: the Epic Mystery of Space Essay

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Professor Bodus
Matthew Ryan Scott
December 6th, 2015
Black Holes: The Epic Mystery of Space

Black Holes: The Epic Mystery of Space The one aspect of space that provides a sort of horror element to the universe, to me, has always been the Black Hole. There is a very deep mystery surrounding Black Holes, and that uncertainty is very scary. Last year, my wife and I sat down on a Friday night, with pizza, and began watching the amazing movie, Interstellar. The one aspect of that film that still resonates with me is the mystery of the nature of the inner workings of a Black Hole. On that note, today, I would like to dive deeper into the research of Astronomers to have a better understanding of these wonders of space. The
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After any specific object has crossed the event horizon, at that point it becomes impossible for said object to have any hope of escape. If black holes are in fact proven to exist, beyond the realm of theoretical physics, then they would likely be a very common occurrence in the universe. In the year 1915, in his “Theory of Relativity”, Albert Einstein introduced such a proposition of potential occurrences (Bunn, Black Holes FAQ). During the 1930s, physicists Volkoff, Oppenheimer, and Snyder were able to use mathematics to prove the existence of black holes. Ever since this discovery, black holes have, and will always remain a very important part of science and the study of our universe. It has been proven that black holes has an infinite gravitational effect on light, time, and the fabric of the space time continuum. All bodies in space have some level of gravitational force. According to Albert Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity”, this is because bodies in space with a large enough mass actually warp space (Chaisson, pg. 77). To give an example of this, let us take a sheet of cloth and stretch it at the four corners, and then set a bowling ball in the center of the sheet. This sheet will then warp downwards. If at this point we place a golf ball on the edge of the sheet, it will then be drawn toward the bowling ball. But, if this golf ball were to be travelling at a speed that couldn’t be affected

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