Black History Month: Film Analysis

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On Wednesday, Feb. 10, the Honor Program 6 (HP VI) students held a film presentation of a documentary they created in celebration of Black History Month.
The film explored racism in cartoons, social media, news, T.V., music, and even award shows. Not only did the documentary touch on the everyday struggles of the black community, but touched on racism of all cultures observed globally.
In addition, the students highlighted in their documentary how media has skewed the facts and has- and still is- trying to convince the public that much of the black youth seen on the news are not as innocent as they seem. Comparing black protests to white riots, the audience can clearly see the divide shown on T.V. Many news outlets use descriptors for black protestors as thugs, terrorists, gangsters, and the list continues, while white rioters are seen as passionate sports fans who have taken a game loss very badly. However, when the roles were reversed, the same could be said for the white rioters as black protestors, which makes the audience ask the question, “why is there a difference in how we view the same action between two races?” and “why are blacks seen as more violent while whites were seen as just simply
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Media has influenced a war between “light-skin” and “dark-skin” black people. Although they come from the same background, the same stereotypes and stigmas seen between black and white people are seen between light-skinned and dark-skinned black people. Media portrays light-skinned blacks similar to white people, the protagonist, the “good guy,” the more romantic or family oriented man while dark-skinned people are portrayed as the antagonist, the “bad guy,” the violent, weapon-wielding man. These labels have caused division, pitting black people against one

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