Black Families During Slavery Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… In conjunction these authors infer that there are scholars who identify that the female headed households characterized the early black American family during slavery.
Conversely though, Gutman states that probably only in a few areas were female headed households, which were estimated to be about 1/4th of all households. In conjunction, Gutman’s research suggests that female-headed households developed mainly in two situations. These situations encompass a women whose husband died or was sold off the plantation might head a household comprised of her children and perhaps her grandchildren born to and unmarried daughter; and a women who did not marry after having one or two children out of-wedlock, but continued to have children, which possibly belonged to the
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Relationships within these groups were governed by principles and values stemming from their African background. Respect for elders and mutual cooperation among kinsmen are noted in all discussions of black families during slavery. Also, the willingness to assume responsibility for relatives and children beyond the conjugal family and selflessness demonstrated in accepting these responsibilities were also characteristics attributed to the enslaved population and were reflective of their ancestor’s …show more content…
Hill is their ability to perform different family roles. Hill believes this exists in many black families and is a source of strength and stability. This flexibility probably developed because of the high proportion of working wives in black families. Instances probably arose in which the wife had to work and the father had to act as the mother and vice versa. I can personally attest to this fact because my father had no problem with cooking, washing clothes, or cleaning the house while my mother was working. Such role flexibility helps to stabilize the family in the event of an unanticipated separation caused by illness, death, or divorce according to

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