Black Eye By John Oliver Essay

723 Words Sep 30th, 2015 3 Pages
America continues to wear a black eye with the continuous history of civil unrest and discord relationship among the poor racial minorities that resides in substandard communities with the police that is supposed to protect its people from all injustices. This dissolved community relationship has finally hit a critical point in America and now the people are fighting back for what they were promised over fifty years ago. This lack of racial equality and acceptance by the wealthy white ethnic groups that controls our economics and remains in control of government bodies that lead this country has deliberately prolonged the racial minority mobility to fulfill that American dream to be created equal and fulfill their ambitions to become who they want to become in the land of opportunity for upward mobility through their hard work and dedication to obtain these personal goals for all Americans. This is the case example in Ferguson, Missouri that a minority community that finally had enough of what is expressed by John Oliver’s show how this city protocol to generate new revenue against the minorities as “The Fuck Barrel” with its Municipal Violations enforcement tactics in his HBO show called “Last Week Tonight.” This show by John Oliver feeds off the investigation report against the Ferguson Police Department by the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. This report clearly exposes how the City of Ferguson mayor and the police chief provided directives…

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