'Black Ain' By Marlon Riggs: Film Analysis

In America today there is a lot of controversy that surrounds those who identify as black. Majority of our American media outlets displays blackness in a negative manner. Black people are stereotyped as being uneducated, dependent, violent, and many other characteristics that makes our race appear inferior. For every negative comment mentioned in the media about what it means to be black I can reply with two positive comments because my point of view of blackness greatly differs from the media. I believe that being black in America can mean different things for every individual, whether they are black or of another ethnicity. In Marlon Riggs’ film Black is/Black Ain’t a group of very diverse individuals came together and discussed their experiences with stereotypes and what it meant …show more content…
American people definitely have views on black culture that completely differ. In my opinion positive views on black culture is the strength and spirituality that we possess. Although black people have been portrayed as the inferior race for many years we still have the strength to prevail through the hardship that was bestowed upon us. Many people look at our cultural strength in astonishment. Our spirituality also helped us prevail and hope for a better tomorrow even though our race is constantly targeted and look at as a threat. On the other hand our culture can be viewed in a negative manner because of the way some of us appear physical and behave. As I stated before people in the black community are brought up differently and some of us may have had more guidance than others. In result of that some black people may behave in a negative way. This is what causes many people to look down on black culture. Although there are many different views on our culture I still believe that black culture is superior, intelligent, and strong and that is what being black means to

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