Essay on Birthday Party - Original Writing

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This was an incident happening when I first came to the America. It was Wednesday, the 7th day that I was living in the US, and I was unpacking my stuffs from my packages. Kathy, the only friend that I had in the US that time, called me. “Hey Lynn, do you want to join my birthday party this weekend?”, she asked. At that time, I did not neither go to work nor go to school. When she asked me, I unhesitantly agreed because I was feeling bored at home. After hanging the phone up, I was really excited to attend that birthday party because I thought that I would have chance to make more friends and learn more about American culture. She moved to the US since she was sixteen years old. I know her because Kathy is my mother’s friend’s daughter. Indeed, I felt happy and deeply appreciated Kathy for inviting me to attend her party since that special occasion brought me an unforgettable memory of experiencing a birthday party in the US, facing fashion stereotype, and gaining a new insight.
I could not wait to joint Kathy’s party since this party was the first one that I join in the US. Kathy’s birthday was coming. She was so kind that she came to my house and pick me up. It was a long drive to the party since it was twenty-three miles from my place. We arrived at the Samba Brazilian Steakhouse in Redondo Beach at seven thirty evening. That was a beautiful restaurant with ocean view. I could feel the soft and relaxing ocean wind by standing in front of the restaurant. Entering the…

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