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Regardless of your standing in society, people struggle with who they are. Movies, music, and media only make things harder for these individuals, typically because of stereotypes. I will provide several instances where stereotypes are expressed in unneeded areas at an early age. One major instance that I feel is completely unnecessary is the “Song of the Roustabouts” from Dumbo. This portion of the movie depicts black figures “slaving” by hammering tent stakes during a storm at night. The figures sing “We work all day, we work all night. We never learned to read or write. We slave until we’re almost dead.” “Keep on working, Stop that shirking. Pull that rope, you hairy ape.” Also, the crows speak the stereotypical old time African American …show more content…
The older centaur proceeds to run off and the flowers fall out. The centaur child is then agitated and follows the older one to put the flowers back in the tail. This is clearly a portrayal of slavery. In ArisoCats, the Asian cats are stereotypical with their buck-teeth, slanted eyes, and heavy accents. The Asian stereotype is further expressed by saying “Shanghai, Hong Kong, Egg Foo Yung! Fortune cookie always wrong,” while playing the piano with chopsticks. Lady and the Tramp also uses cats to depict Asian people. Again these cats have slanted eyes and Asian accents. This time however, very oriental-sounding music is being played during the scene.
Peter Pan embraces the stereotype of Native Americans. They are called Red Men, the only Native American to talk to the Peter and the kids is the chief of the tribe. The kids dress in the typical Indian garb sporting feathered head dresses, tomahawks and fanning their mouths making whooping noises.
When watching these movies as children, I’m sure the vast majority had no clue what these films actually contained. While I do not believe that Disney including these scenes are particularly harmful, I do think that the ethics should be questioned. I’m not by any means blaming Disney for
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One of the main reasons being that the princess was a frog for the vast majority of the movie. There is a scene that shows Dr. Facilier with masks and voodoo dolls that resemble southern African American culture. Mama Odie is a heavy set, very old, African American blind bayou “fairy grandmother.” Another critical issue is that the Prince Naveen’s nationality is not made apparent. After doing research, I have found that the Prince is indeed white. This can suggest a couple of race issues, one of them being that African Americans should not be in a position of power. The other being that love between two people of darker skin should not exist or be shown on television. The only reason that was made evident to prove that The Princess and the Frog is not a racist film, is that the princess is African American. While there isn’t a plethora of evidence to help this case, it is a very strong point. In my personal opinion, I do believe that the movie went overboard with the stereotypes. This is a shame since in modern times, racism shouldn’t be something that is

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