Embryonic Stem Cell Research Persuasive Speech

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If it was not for Emma Goodman, birth control today would most likely not be an option for women today. Advances in medicine have been happening since the earliest times creating new discoveries and cures. Of course there were issues for birth control, but it ended up being very successful to stopping unwanted pregnancies. Concerns with medical advancement will never stop, but how else would such groundbreaking discoveries be made? The strive for more medical advancement continues today with biotechnology. Biotechnology is the manipulation of organisms to create new products. One issue America faces today is whether or not to allow a specific type of biotechnology known as embryonic stem cell research. The biggest concern happens to be its …show more content…
People suffer of all kinds of illnesses which can be treated by the use of embryonic stem cells. Many people today who have health issues that can be cured by stem cells would be grateful for the opportunity given to them by the medical advancement. In a similar situation, people with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia would most likely not have the chance to survive if it were not for bone marrow transplants. In my brothers case, the bone marrow transplant was the last chance of hope. Just like others with different cancers, trauma injuries, and heart problems, embryonic stem cells could be their last chance at life which can succeed. If it were not for bone marrow transplants, heart transplants, and even shots, many people 's loved ones would not be alive today. It is not to say that you must do something because it is legal, but it is helpful and valuable for those who are in need of it. Medical research to finding cures is still being done today for many different illnesses. The medicine world is only growing with new possibilities and hope for others. Attempting to stop medical research or limit it can only eventually hurt one’s self by not knowing or understanding the capability of advanced medicine and its strength in the world

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