Biomedical Science Case Study

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Being a curious person with some little knowledge of biology I have always been interested in the human body and always wanted to know how the complex mechanism of the human body works to enable an individual function properly from simple cells combining together to form tissues, organs and then an entire human body. Further my curiosity lead me to interlude upon the term Biomedical Sciences, and on searching more I was able to understand its benefits as a career as it is certainly a constantly developing area enabling a person to enjoy good career opportunities further.
I, Ritika Bharti born in Moga, Punjab, have completed my senior secondary education from DN model public school, Moga (Punjab), affiliated from central board of secondary education
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The education system is totally modernized and completely based on pragmatic approach and the universities have high quality of infra specific labs and digital classrooms. I searched on internet about biomedical science undergraduate degree in Australian universities like University of Technology Sydney, Queensland University of Technology, Deakin university but I particularly was favorably disposed to Melbourne because it is voted as the world’s most livable city, known for multiculturalism and world class education. All in all, this city is a great place to begin career and make great connections which further made my head turn to Deakin University, making me aware of the fact that it also lies into top level universities in Australia. It is Australia's one of the rapidly developing young university as just in 42 years of its establishment it is in world top 2% universities and is at 17th rank in Australia. Also, university provides many facilities and research training to students. It also provides scholarships to the eligible international student so it seems like they really want to help students that are studying in their university and I have also received a scholarship of 20% on my whole course fee. All in all, studying biomedical science in a university like Deakin would be very exciting, knowledgeable and rewarding for me as …show more content…
This course is the study of human body, its structure and function and how a disease infect human body and how to make treatment and vaccines for diseases and at Deakin I can gain a lot of practical experience so that I will be Graduate with both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. My course have 24 units in total comprising 15 core subjects including Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Systems Physiology, Cell Biology, Genetics etc. also giving me flexibility to choose between different majors like Molecular Life Sciences, Infection and Immunity, Medical Biotechnology and these also include professional practice unit which are compulsory so that student can see what they actually have to do in this career. Students also have an opportunity to get enrolled in global science placement overseas and to apply for an industry-based learning placement. Placement options are very beneficial for students as they can learn their course better and they can also see the real situations that they have to face during their career and it helps them to enhance their knowledge and make some good networks. An undergraduate degree in biomedical science would definitely be more beneficial if I study in a prestigious university like Deakin than doing it in institute in India as an international degree also commands a better pay

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