Biomedical Engineering : The Most Important And Fastest Growing Branches Of Engineering

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As the world continues to develop so does the medical field. New medical problems arise almost every day. In order to keep up with all these changes, there is a profession that focuses solely on improving health care, biomedical engineering. For many people it is hard to completely understand the impact that biomedical engineering has had on the lives of many people, but knowing that it has produced a tremendous amount of devices and concepts since its beginnings can help someone start to realize the immense impact. Some people may say that biomedical engineering is not very important, but just a little research could make these people recant their statements. Biomedical engineering is one of the most important and fastest growing branches of engineering. Much of the importance and growth is due to the massive success rate of the great things produced by the branch. The first feats of biomedical engineering can be traced back to early Egyptian times. One of the earliest inventions created by biomedical engineers was a wooden prosthetic toe that was found on an Egyptian mummy (Lucas). Other biomedical engineering inventions that can be traced to early times are crutches, walking sticks, and a splint for broken bones. The first well known invention was created in the 20th century - the tabletop hearing aid. (Lucas). The hearing aid has been improved, but that basic concept is what has lead to the hearing aids that are used by millions of people everywhere. The hearing aid is…

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