Biome Paper

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Tundra Biome {draw:frame} {draw:frame} The arctic tundra can be found in the northern hemisphere, encircling the North Pole and extending to the coniferous forest of taiga. Some specific locations of the arctic tundra include Northern America (Northern Alaska, Canada, and Greenland), Northern Europe (Scandinavia), and Northern Asia (Siberia). The alpine tundra can be found in the mountains throughout the world at high altitudes where trees are unable to grow. They can be found in Northern America (Alaska, Canada, U.S.A., and Mexico), Northern Europe (Finland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden), Asia (Southern Asia-Himalayan Mountains and Japan-Mt. Fuji), Africa (Mt. Kilimajaro), and South America (Andes Mountains). {draw:frame} The …show more content…
The animal life includes caribou, reindeer, musk oxen, wolves, ptarmigans, snow geese, tunelra swans, dall sheep, brown bears, and small rodents. During the summer when the soil thaws slightly there are mosquitoes, black flies, ducks, geese, and predator birds. Two of the endangered animals are the penguins and the polar bears. They are endangered due to human activities. Lichen consists of a specific alga and a specific fungus in a symbiotic relationship making them act as a single plant. Humans have a great impact on the tundra and it is greater now than ever before. There are disturbances associated with resource exploitation, fire management, and altered grazing. Also there is pollution of chemicals, gases, and oil threatening life. So I would say that humans have a pretty negative effect of the tundra. Not only do humans have an impact on the tundra, but the tundra also has an impact on humans and the national/world economies. Some positive effects are movies made that were inspired by the tundra such as Ice Age, Madagascar, Snow Dogs, 8 Below, White Fang, and Polar Express. Also there are books inspired by the include Into the Wild and White Fang. There are also some negative effects that the tundra has on the world such as the industrial activity that adds to environmental problems. Bibliography

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