Essay on Biology Topic-the Scientific Method

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NAME: ____________________________ DATE:____________________ Leaving Certificate Biology: Scientific Method

Leaving Certificate

Scientific Method
Please see Teachers’ Notes for explanations, additional activities, and tips and suggestions.
Levels Students' English-language skills should be developed to Level B1 during funded Language Support. Mainstream subject learning will require the development of skills at Level B2 if students are to cope with public examinations. Language focus Learning focus Key vocabulary, word identification, sentence structure, extracting information from text, writing text, grammar. Using Biology textbooks and accessing curriculum content and learning activities.

Acknowledgement The English
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See Teachers’ Notes for suggestions.

Possible key terms for the spidergram:

What do scientists do? How does science affect our lives?
Invite students to provide key words in their own languages. Encourage dictionary use. Encourage students to organise their vocabulary into relevant categories (e.g. meaning, nouns, keywords, verbs etc.).

Students should record vocabulary and terms from the spidergram in their personal dictionaries.

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