Argumentative Essay On Booker's Life

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A famous person once said “You have given someone the gift of life, and someone else a child to love. Some kids would just rather live with their grandparents rather than their biological parents. Mondresz Booker is a Young man from Pike County (Concord Georgia). He was raised by his grandmother Esther Booker and Aunt Happy Johnson. When he turned 10 he moved to griffin Georgia with this biological mother. Then he started to hang around the wrong group of people on a daily basis that gambled,did drugs,carried guns and drunk alcohol. Booker soon picked up all the bad habits. Once he started to participate in the bad habits he was the one who got caught . Not the ones he hung around and learned from . Booker then was sentenced 12 years in prison …show more content…
I saw the change they had to make in order to move on in life. Some of them were able to say “i 'm going to be successful in life not only for me but for my mom”. Then again some just felt like a house without a mother is just not a complete home. One of my classmates started to get in trouble and became strung out on drugs . He would continuously stay high all the time said her was gonna smoke his pain away. He was never his regular self. He smoked so much his brain just started to not function correctly any more. He couldn 't remember anything and when he did come to class he would play around a lot and sleep . It 's always going to feel awkward. It 's hard for children to hang around their friends family because they know when they return back with their guardian it will not be the same. When the child 's mother has abandoned them they only could possibly think about the next person that would leave them. It take a normal child a while to grieve pertaining to death of just their parents leaving them. Losing your mom at an early age can affect your mindset towards life.It becomes hard for a child to sit around people after the loss or seperation from there parent. They tend to isolate himself from everyone because they don 't want to be in a conversation where their friends start talking about their biological parents.When a child comes from a motherless home they’re know to abuse and abandoned …show more content…
Just continue to look forward in life and know that god has a plan for you and he makes no mistakes. He doesnt put more on you than you can bare. Be the new leader Let everyone go and follow you. Set the example of being that great parent that everyone wants to be like. If your kids notice that you are in their life faithfully then they will know that how it 's suppose to be . When people have children they always want their kids to have a better life than them. If you provide a good life for your child then you can expect your child to provide a good life for there child and the trend will start to sink into everyone

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