Biography Of Jose Guadalupe Posada Who Created `` Calaveras Del Monton

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Last week, I visited the illustrious, well known, museum in San Fransisco. I wasn 't planning to go, but all of my family convinced me into going, so I did. This museum is called the de Young Museum, where fine arts from all over the world including Canada are there. One of the things I loved about the museum was that architecture of the building and the small structures around the main building. It made me feel like I was going back in time and experiencing history right then and there. Some pieces I found interesting were from an Mexican artist called Jose Guadalupe Posada who created “Calaveras del Monton.” This piece caught my attention by the use of death and skulls in the piece and an unforeseen trolley which made me ponder why did Posada construct this? Was this during the Spanish Mexican War and was this Posada ways of showing the effects and altercations of the government’s actions? The only thing we can know for sure is the year it was published or created and it was in the year of 1910. As I investigate further into the history books of the year of 1910, I found out what was going on at the time. It was the year when the Mexican Revolution began when Madero issues the plan of San Luis Potosi, promising Democracy,Federalism and many other promises. Posada was probably trying to convey using his art and some writing to either support the Mexican Revolution or not . Another art piece I found truly connected to one of your last lectures and I really felt an…

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