Essay on Biography Of Gerda Lerner 's Development Of Women 's History

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Gerda Lerner was an influential figure in the development of women’s gender history since the 1960’s. She was one of the founders of women’s history and played a key role in developing women’s history curriculum. She was a rebel and didn’t believe in following the rules or conforming to society from her teenage years. In her early career she became an author and also became a national leader in the Congress of American Women where she worked with poor black women where she began to understand the limitations of her own assumptions. She then devoted her life to women’s and African American’s history, but later realized that merely teaching women’s history would not be enough, she would have to fight to create programs and eventually created the first PhD program for that subject. The PhD student’s outreach included aiming lectures towards the public and bringing the teachings of women’s history into public schools. Lerner then began studying western civilization and argued that control over women’s sexuality and reproductive power was the root of all forms of domination. Although Gerda Lerner could be categorized as being a radical or judged for being a communist, I do in fact trust her arguments about women’s history. Lerner may have been a rebel or a little bit extreme at times, but I feel as if you have to be a little different and a little “out there” in order to be heard and in order to get things done. She was an extremely intelligent woman who had many…

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