Biography Of Benjamin Franklin 's Autobiography Essay

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Up until this point in my life, I had never really had a class that challenged me to become something better than what I currently am. I have taken many different religion classes in which I had learned many new and interesting things about the gospel, but none of them really incorporated in a serious way a commitment to try and become a better person. When Brother Jeppson spoke to us in class and I heard how serious he really was about us trying to become what we want to be, I was surprised. I began thinking about what I could do as a semester long project in which I could set a goal and record my progress. I had read Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography a few months earlier and I remember him writing about a personal program that he had developed for himself. Benjamin Franklin was fascinated with the idea of perfection, and diligently tried to achieve it while he was here on earth. His method of self improvement he called “The Art of Virtue”. What this program was, was he sat down and wrote out around 13 of the most important qualities he found of Jesus Christ, and then he studied them diligently in order to truly understand what they meant and how they were to be achieved. After he had studied them, he would pick one virtue to focus on day by day, and when he felt that he had come to develop the trait that he had studied he would move onto the next one. His Art of Virtue became a never ending process of self refinement, and I thought to myself that this was one of the most…

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