Bio-Technology Essay

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Biotechnology is one of the innovative branches of science. Biotechnology has created new revolutions in this era by contributing industries, medical sciences, food technologies and genetics.

"Biotechnology is basically defined as the use of living organisms, their parts and their biochemical processes for the creation of beneficial products."

Bio-technology has its roots in the distant past and has a large, highly profitable, modern industrial outlets of great value to society for e.g. the fermentation, bio-pharmaceutical and food industries. The main reasons must be associated with the rapid advances in molecular biology, in particular, recombinant DNA technology, which is now giving bio-scientists a remarkable
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Genetic engineering technology * Makes use of Recombinant DNA technology * “The recombining of genetic material from two different sources” * It is the next step, after selective breeding, in changing the genetic makeup of organisms
6. Bioinformatics technology * Use and organization of information about biology * Interface of computer science, mathematics and molecular biology * Objective is to use database management to map and compare genomes, determine protein structure, design drugs, identify genes, etc.
7. DNA chip technology * A combination of the semiconductor industry and molecular biology * Consists Tagged DNA on a Microchip that can be read using lasers, computers and microscopes * Allows tens of thousands of gene to be analyzed on a single microchip. Used to detect mutations and diagnose genetic diseases.


Today, pioneers of biotechnology are discovering new solutions for better feed, food and consumer products. They are building on the knowledge we gained through the scientific innovations of earlier pioneers such as the Egyptians, Christopher Columbus, Louis Pasteur, Gregor Mendel, James Watson and Francis Crick, and Herbert Boyer. See how past discoveries have enhanced quality of life.

2500-2000BC- Science Along the Nile Expanding on their understanding of scientific processes, ancient Egyptians innovated with their use of advanced

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