Billboards Of The United States Essay

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Before heading out to work, thoughts of the various billboards came to mind. Remembering which ones are between my home and work was difficult as the road is normally what I look at as opposed to the billboards. I remembered four billboards. However, the day going to work, I actually counted how many there were and the total number was 17. There had to be a reason why those four stood out. Two of them are electronic billboards which are very bright and very effective. There is one that actually it stands within the parking lot of my workplace talking about a local market. The fourth one is on the same street that I live on talking about a local college.
As I looked at the other 17 billboards, I noticed that there was a pattern. They are seen from the main roads and highway but they are not directly on the highway. They have various advertisements that mostly talk about food. They were not bright and most of them were very old and have had the same thing on them in the past 4 years that I have lived in this area. Perhaps if they put different advertisements on them, they would receive more of a response.
The only two billboards that were effective were the electronic billboards. They are designed to attract attention with pictures that can be in full-motion (Dukic, Ahlstrom, Patten, Kettwich, & Kircher, 2013, pg. 469). There is one in the middle of a long road but the other one is really in the wrong place. It is on the opposite side of a turnoff to get on the…

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