Bill O ' Reilly 's Killing Lincoln Essay

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History always has a way of repeating itself, but for some events there is hope it will not happen again. The President is theoretically one of the most well respected people in the United
States. Sadly this has not always been the case and probably never will be. This can happen due to different views and opinions on how things should be done. In Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln:
The Shocking Assassination That Changed America forever, it explains the approach to Abraham
Lincoln’s assassination and the days leading up to it. In this book, it walks through his final days and what was potentially on his mind amongst the minds of other people who were plotting against him. The plotting and the battles that occurred at the time left a bad taste in the citizen’s mouth. Many people turned against Lincoln and had plans for his downfall. This books gives a time log from every day and the hours leading up to his death and the events after it. There are four parts in this book that explains the characters emotions, tactics, and other events taking place before and after Abraham Lincoln’s death.
The first part of the book, "Total War", represents the time right before Lincoln was killed. His time living is portrayed as a ticking clock. This book is “an account of events that led up to, surrounded, and unfolded in the aftermath of Lincoln’s assassination’ (Odom, 81). He is oblivious to the fact that someone is planning to kill him. In the prologue of this book, it states that there “is…

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