Bill Bryson Neither Here Nor There Analysis

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I have chosen to write about Bill Bryson and his experience in Sweden. Bill Bryson is a backpacker from Iowa who is famous for documenting his culture shock experiences in a humorous way. This time, he writes about Sweden in one of his pieces called “Neither Here Nor There” and in it he includes how Sweden is a country that is hard to understand.

It is my firm belief that Sweden is not a country that is as hard to understand like Bill Bryson makes it seem as long as you have an open mind.

In the beginning of “Neither Here Nor There” Bill Bryson tells us about his first experience trying to find a place to eat, and although he was in a indoor shopping center he had trouble finding a open restaurant so he went to eat in Pizza Hut.

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I believe this is simply because of the drinking culture in Sweden but also the drug policy. Many Swedes enjoy getting drunk several times per month and it's very common to see drunk people on late evenings in the city centers. I remember coming home late evenings from training as a kid which would result in having to pass several drunk people that were still dressed in work clothes. I don't believe this is something Swedish people look down on since being drunk at certain times is socially accepted. Many of my friends drink every weekend as well.
Although, many people would consider you a “smyg alkoholist” if you drink before work days or during the week.

Swedish people relationship with alcohol have an interesting history. During early Modernism it was common for many people to get paid in alcohol and when the government noticed that most of the people in country had alcohol problems so bad that it affected family relations and such, many laws were introduced to reduce the alcohol usage such as very high alcohol prices and alcohol only being sold from the governments owned chain of liquor stores called

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