Bilingual Education Is The Most Important Aspect Of Our Life Essay

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Education is one of the most important aspect of our life, Cambridge University Press(2016) suggests the definition of education is the method of acquiring knowledge and distributing information, especially in study environment such as high school, university. For example, lecturer will distribute knowledge to the university students while having a lecture and other example will be tutor are having a tutorial with students that seek for help , both lecturers and tutors are distributing knowledge to student, so this is a form of education. Our essay will be focusing on the methods of educating children and it rounds up to two types of education, monolingual education and bilingual education, the definition of monolingual education is a language education system with teaching one language and bilingual education is a language education system with teaching two languages. This have come to my research question, Which method of educating children is most effective? This essay will prove that bilingual education is the most effective method of educating children as there are cognitive benefit, cultural benefit and also academic benefit.

Generally by studying bilingual education it can lead to stronger mind flexibility, the first benefit of studying bilingual education is lower switching cost , The definition of switching cost is the speed of adapting of changing the task or speed and it is a type of executive function. As Christoffels, De Hann, Steenbergen, van den Wildenberg…

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