Bigger Than Me : My Life Essay

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Bigger Than Me

I sat at the window waiting for Grandma to arrive. Then my mom requested me to come to the kitchen for assistance on the cookies. I ran to her side wanting to help with the sampling before my grandparents arrived. She handed me a cookie and began giving me her talk on my performance of manners in front of others. I never gave attention to her lectures they just told me things I already knew, so I stared off into the distance. I pictured my grandparents greeting me with a big hug and handing me the past two weeks of comics from their newspaper. I like to read the newspaper comics; they make me chuckle and jump with delight. My mother and I always read the comics together at night on the couch by a raging fire. I sit next to her and listen to the soft words flow out of her mouth. She has read the comics to me all my life and enjoys doing so. She claims that she grew up with little television and reading the newspaper. It reminded her of her childhood and sister. Her sister, my aunt, never liked my mom and thought of her as a pest. She eventually got so tired of my mom that she promised to never see her again. They haven’t seen each other since. I’ve never met her and she has never met me. I wish she would come visit us; I would like to know her. I wish she would walk through the door and yell, “I’m here, sorry for the wait”. Then all of a sudden the door opened I ran, hoping for a chance it would be my aunt only to see my Grandma; I sighed. She came in as a…

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