Essay on Big Mac

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Haley Spencer
Professor Flood
English 101
20 October 2014
Big Mac with a Side of Apples and a Diet Coke
For decades the fast-food industry has supplied Americans with tasty, comforting food, quickly and for a low cost. It was not until recently, when the health craze first hit America in the late 1980’s that corporations developed a new approach to marketing health food products to fit their customer’s wants. Fast Food companies trick their costumers into believing the fast-food is healthier by fancy advertisement, using descriptive words such as fresh, and not providing enough nutritional information.
The advertising technique of persuasion leads to false impressions of a product, much like the advertisement claims of selling healthy
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From their results they conclude if the main course is perceived as “healthier” the costumer is more inclined to eat a side-dish higher in calories or vice versa. Chandon and Wansink’s solution to calorie underestimation is to educate people of their calorie consumption based on each component of their meal, which in return would be more accurate than estimating the calories consumed in the whole meal.
In the film Super-Size Me, follows Morgan Spurlock on a 30-day period from February 1 to March 2, 2003 during which he ate only McDonald's food. The film documents this lifestyle's drastic effect on Spurlock's physical and psychological well-being, and explores the fast food industry's corporate influence, including how it encourages poor nutrition for its own profit. He is said to have consumed 5,000 calories a day (Spurlock). During this Spurlock gained 24 ½ pounds and experienced things such mood swings, sexual dysfunction and fat accumulation in his liver. While this film is an extreme of eating McDonalds 3 times a day every day as opposed to maybe twice a week it is still an eye opener with the effects it had.
Subway created a new campaign with Jared Fogle, a man who lost 245 pounds from eating Subway sandwiches. Subways claim to fame in the food industry is selling healthy “fresh” products, and makes known their product is unlike McDonalds frozen hamburger patties. Subway has mastered the art of appealing to

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