Big Life And The Big Lessons It Offers Believers Essays

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To describe David as a legendary figure is an appropriate nod to the impact his life has had on multiplied millions.
But the story of his life is not a legend, it is a fact and its scope is extraordinary. When you travel with David through the journey that was his life you are in for a wild ride filled with unbelievable highs and devastating lows.
I can?t think of any Biblical biography ? a biography contained with Scripture ? that gives more detail than the one of David.
Just to demonstrate that in one way:
Numbers of mentions of the following names:
Abram, and Abraham ? 54+231=285
Moses ? 848
David over 1080
He is mentioned in 19 OT books and 9 NT books. David left a big footprint in the Bible.
His first appearance is in Ruth 4:17 in a short genealogy of Ruth and Boaz?s son Obed, who had a son named Jesse who had a son named David.
His last appearance is in Revelations 22:16 the sixth to the last verse of the Bible. His name is the last name recorded in Scripture spoken by Jesus who reiterated at that time that He was the root and off spring of David while simultaneously being the bright and morning star.
For the youngest son of his family long thought of as little David he had a very big life. So with a life as big as David?s to study we have to divide it up into manageable sections. There are lots of ways to do that. And in the course of this study you will see David from many different perspectives as you…

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