King David's Physical Development

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King David was anointed at a young age by God to become the ruler of Israel. However King David was still subjected to physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development through his entire life-span just like all of us. He may have been labeled the “man after God’s heart”, but like us, he was not without his flaws, most of which were related to his need for continued maturation in his development as well as within his faith walk with God.
During David’s adolescents his physique was depicted as, “…ruddy, with a fine appearance and handsome features, (1 Samuel 16:12, New International Version [NIV]). As a teenager, David was described in several passages as a man, but when it came time for him to use King Saul’s armor to dual Goliath, David
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Although there is no specific description of David’s physical development, 1 Samuel 21-31, (NIV) provides multiple descriptions of David’s successful conquering feats. When he attacked an area he was said to not leave one man or woman alive. He led and participated in many battles and there is no record of his physical defeat or possible physical injury. He would have had to be a healthy, strong, agile, young man with strength and strong hand eye coordination to not only survive but to conquer in these type of battle situations. David’s sexual activity in emerging adulthood consisted of multiple wives. He had also fathered many children which demonstrates he had become sexually active during this phase of …show more content…
David was able to lean on God’s discernment to keep himself alive and to wait until the time was right to assume his place as King of Judah and then King over all of Israel (1 Samuel 1-5, NIV). Warriors were willing to follow David into battle. He was successful with battle strategies and obtaining victories which indicated he was trustworthy, charismatic, creative and cleaver. David learned from the preceding leaders mistakes by not fully defeating the Philistines. David relied on God to allow his armies to fully defeat the Philistines, removing their terror in the Promised Land for a long period of time (2 Samuel 6:17-25, NIV). However as a young adult he was not without mistakes of arrogance that commonly plagued this developmental time frame. Many times throughout David’s young adult life he took matters into his own hands rather than going to God for help. Often defeat or devastation were a result of these mistakes. David had multiple wives which was against God’s covenant with Israel (Deuteronomy 17:17, NIV). He also committed adultery with Bathsheba as a result of lust and then tried to murder her husband to cover his tracks (2 Samuel 11, NIV). David did not exercise a mature thought process nor did he thoroughly think through the situation prior to committing these acts. As a result both David, Bathsheba and the kingdom

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