Essay on Big Data And Its Impact On Society

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As our society has progressed, we have adopted the mindset of “the bigger the better”. This is reflected in the houses we own, the food we consume, and the salaries that we hope to earn. In the recent past there has been an industry that has also begun to adapt this philosophy through data collection. The term “big data” has become a buzzword in numerous industries to refer to the large amount of data that is being stored, analyzed, and reported on in the world today. Many individuals have become enraptured with this phenomenon, this possibly includes those who are enrolled in this course. While interest in this field is growing and “big data” has shown to sometimes reap huge rewards, it is urged that individuals who interact with “big data” use caution in that it is not always as glamourous and fruitful of an endeavor as it may seem.
As a society, we have the blessing and some would argue, the curse, of having more information available at the click of a mouse than ever before (Zikopoulous, 2012). While this is useful in many ways, there are several pitfalls to using “big data”. One of the major hurdles to overcome when using big data is the cost, both financially and in terms of resources. Collecting, storing, and analyzing information can cost a company or business a huge sum of money. However, the financial cost of utilizing big data far exceeds just storing the information. In order for the information to be useful, the company must employ or at the very…

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