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Joshua D Safran
Assistant Professor Nancey Moore
HIS 131-0003
28 June 2017
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Thesis Statement: If Abraham Lincoln had not been re-elected for office, slavery would have continued to exist for at least another presidential term and the civil war would have ceased, as Abe’s opponent, Democratic Presidential Nominee George B. McClellan had planned to offer a peace agreement to the South and maintain the Union for what is was; therefore, the Emancipation Proclamation would have deteriorated and lose all meaning and purpose for which it stood.
Abraham Lincoln to Committee from Baltimore Convention, June 9, 1864 (Acceptance of the Nomination for the Presidency). Digital image. The Library of Congress, n.d. Web. 22 June 2017.
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"The 1864 Presidential Election was the Final Crucial Battle of the Civil War, and Bullets, Not Ballots, Decided the Outcome." America's Civil War 09 1998: 62. ProQuest. Web. 22 June 2017. . Print.
• Summary: Scott Simon interviews Dr. Long, prompting a discussion regarding the strong political dislike for Lincoln, despite admiration from the soldiers. Simon asks about the potential altering of history if Lincoln had lost the election, including regional opposition and lack of growth into the 19th century.
• Explanation: Dr. Long explains the opposition towards Lincoln’s policies, such as social policy and prohibiting slavery, which would damage Southern economic wealth. Regardless, Lincoln stood a better chance with his policies due to the soldiers’ respect for him. Ergo, a racist Northerner would have accepted the Emancipation Proclamation. Dr. Long explains the societal difficulty McClellan would face if elected due to low expectations against his platform.
• Evaluation: Dr. Long theorizes that with the large population of Black Union soldiers, McClellan would have faced increasing Southern opposition, as the Union would be stained with racial conflict and experience separation with regional hostility along the

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