Biblical Ethics Of Present Day Journalism

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Global technology has fast-forwarded communications to nearly light speed which provides information to levels once only dreamed of. Due to the escalation and rapid transmission of information through many venues (e.g., internet, television, radio, print) there is much dialogue concerning the ethics of present day journalism. The question that will be reviewed in this dissertation is: (1) what are the obligations of journalist’s in regards to reporting events responsibly, and (2) can Biblical ethics be applied to modern journalism?
Western society has always had an almost a morbid infatuation with crime and punishment, i.e., the dirty laundry of others. This student/advocate has noticed on numerous occasions anchors that have a gleam in
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Spin involves tone; it’s a reporter’s subjective comments about objective facts, making one side’s ideological perspective look better than another. With this being said, often offenders receive more sympathy and media coverage than the actual victims. For example, when child murderer Charles Warner was executed by lethal injection the media left reported that Warner was “chemically tortured to death” (Blades, 2014). Champagne socialists began protesting expressing their outrage of the violation of Warner’s Eighth Amendment rights. What about the rights of the real victim, 11 month old Adrianna, who was tortured, beaten, raped, and sodomized (Spinwall, 2014)! Where are these protesters during the trial when the accused is being tried for the murder of an innocent person(s)? Why are the Constitutional rights of the victim minimized? God who is the greatest Criminal Justice Master in the Universe states in no uncertain terms that justice is to be equated with and sanctioned in accordance with the crime committed and that punishment be delivered swiftly (Genesis 9: 5-6; Exodus 21; 1-31; Leviticus 24:7-22; Deuteronomy 13: 6-11, 19: 13-20, 25: 2; Romans 13: 1-4). A reality based examination provides an abundance of information which reveals that the agenda of the media can be dark, i.e., …show more content…
One potential juror, who claimed that he had no knowledge of the case indicated otherwise on social media, "I CAN tell you THIS 'Justice '…IS coming." This particular juror appeared to write about the Zimmerman case on the Facebook page for the "Coffee Party Progressives," a page with which he was confronted in Judge Debra Nelson 's courtroom (Dover, 2013). Although this infraction was initiated on social media, it was shared and snow-balled into the mainstream media. Despite this and other incidents, attorneys maintain their faith in the sequestration process. As a truth seeking device, sequestration has long been practiced, going as far back as the days of Daniel and the story of Susanna (Daniel

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