Essay about Beyond African Borders : African History

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Beyond African Borders
African history depicting its struggles and intimate connection with the world never ceases to mesmerize. In the past, Africans were forced out of their natural habitats but Africa could not be taken out them. They simply refused to give up customs and traditions, even in the face of adversity. In the present time, Africans write a somewhat different story of conflict and social turmoil.
Since ancient times, Africans have endured a state of bondage, captured in their native land and transported to other countries in colonization journeys. The first African slaves who arrived in America in 1526 preceded other African natives who were taken from their motherland in route to other countries, suffering a similar fate of forced labor and servitude (Azevedo, 2005, p. 93). In contrast to Africans in America, who eventually became emancipated and experienced a number of issues including poverty and social inequality, Africans in the African continent enjoyed an indirect form of ruling by the countries that colonized them, which allowed them freedom to express their ethnic traditions and a modified social structure that forbade political opinion. (Azevedo, 2005, p. 116-118).
Africans were exported to many points of South, Central, and North America at various times, replacing decimated Aztecs, Incas and Amerindians in labor duties that included agriculture and mining. Although slaves were abused and subjected to harsh working and living conditions…

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