Colonization Of Africa Dbq Analysis

Colonization of Africa DBQ Essay Nicknamed the “Scramble for Africa”, the colonization of Africa by European Imperialists sparks a wave of controversy in world history. The social and economic effects taking place during this time period were viewed by the Africans, Europeans, and Indifferent people. Together, these 3 different groups gave their point of view and opinion about the situation going on.
Africans witnessed many incidents while living in their homeland. One of the most obvious was the slave trade. Gustavus Vassa gave his point of view while riding the a slave ship. He said he became so sick and low that he wished for death to help him (Doc #9). This is affecting economic because it will promote the Europeans generate large profits
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He also mentions that it 's the job of the superiors to civilize the inferiors (Doc #4). This is displaying a social impact on Africa. This makes France look like a helping country since they mention that they are inferior races and that the superior races must help them, even though they only made their country worse. Great Britain also did this as well when Sir Edward Hertslet created a map of all the countries the Europeans owned in Africa. On the key of the map next to the British, it says “possessions and protectorates”. This was used to make Great Britain seem like they are only there to support the countries it was holding instead of just imperializing them. Europe also viewed Africa to be used as a tool to make a profit. A political cartoon published in the London Charivari called The Rhodes Colossus: Striding from Cape Town to Cairo. It illustrates a large man holding a long string that connects the two cities (Doc #5). The author wants to demonstrate that Europe is planning to use Africa for their own personal gain. They will use the continent like a puppet and make a profit off of Africa like the mineral mines they have. Lastly, some people saw them trying to struggle for their independence from the Europeans. In the story Gustave Freensen: In the German South …show more content…
Africa observed being imperialized and forced to follow the orders giving to them by the European Imperialists. One example was being forced to live with the European settlers which are an example of a social effect. Europeans viewed the continent of Africa as an opportunity to use them as a puppet more their economic gain. They would take their resources like the minerals they had to make profit, an example of an economical effect. Lastly, America viewed Africa as a place of recreation. One example is a picture of Theodore Roosevelt next to a dead elephant he shot. This is an example of economical because he could sell the elephant and is making a profit from the book the picture is in. If I were to suggest an additional document to the ones that were given, I would suggest another document pertaining Document #1 about the map. I would like to see if other countries like France or Germany had their countries they controlled listed as “possessions and protectorates”. With this evidence, I can infer that the European countries were trying to make themselves look like they are trying to help instead of appearing as

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